Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Well, today's the day!   Yep, it's patch 5.0.4 and that means going a whole day without playing because it's a huge pre-expansion patch! I've been around long enough that I already expected extended maintenance so I've spent my time waiting for the patch getting ready to play tomorrow.  While other people are at work, playing other games, or out having a life I've been cooking and cleaning.

I have tomorrow's various meals all made so they'll only have to be reheated.   The laundry's been done a little early in order to get my most comfy pajama pants cleaned.   I got in the grove and got more housework than expected.

There's not a lot I'm doing tonight in-game.  I'm mostly farming netherweave cloth to make bags for alts.  This is going by super fast as it seems my blood DK is no longer capable of being hit by anything ever. Pull ALL the things!  Tomorrow starts my army of alts, though I'm not sure what to roll.   I had ideas for characters in mind, but I find myself burned out on their ideas already.  Non-rp toons might have the best chance of surviving after next month.

Hope y'all are enjoying the changes and new goodies!

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