Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Little Failhunter that Could

This week, I've gotten off my lazy bum (figuratively speaking) and leveled my little failhunter through Outlands.   She's a little exhausted, I imagine.  I did it by way of questing and making my husband run me through instances when I lost motivation.   Hunters are a class I hate for running actual dungeons.   I couldn't tell you why, but it annoys me.  However, I love questing as a hunter.  And this time, the higher levels are flying by.  I blame it on the Dire Beast talent.


Is it the best choice for focus regen?   I have no idea as I haven't bothered to look up anything about class changes for anything but my shaman.  Why did I pick it?   It's just cool.  I'm easily amused and calling out a gaint warp stalker makes me all happy inside.  The fact that the animals change depending on the continent is pleasing as well.  Thank you, Blizzard.

Hunters are one of my favorite classes for getting random RP as well, especially for shy characters.  Just /walking with an interesting pet out can get someone interested in speaking with you.   Interacting with your pet is a great way to draw attention too.   These are both more passive ways of finding RP.   Luckily, starting your own RP with a hunter is pretty easy.   Asking someone to help find your lost pet, making your pet run up to someone and bark/pounce/lick/sniff, or even asking about another person's pet are all great ways to start a conversation.

I don't think I'll be getting past 70 on her any time soon, but it's been a positive experience so far.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Shared Topic: 7 Deadly WoW Sins

Blog Azeroth has a weekly shared topic for bloggers.  This week, Noahdeer of Be MoP asks:
"We all know of the Seven deadly sins (Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Lust, Envy and Gluttony) and we all succumb to aspects of them at one time or another, but is there one particular sin that affects you more than the others when you play World of Warcraft?
Are you a bit too prideful about your armor set? or Do you look upon someone with envy when they have a piece of armor that you don't have yet? "

When I saw this, I knew the answer immediately.  I admit I get twitchy if my gloves are the wrong shade of blue and I've threatened violence on my husband a few times when his satchel of exotic mysteries gives him a mount I've been farming for years.  However, my biggest WoW vice is most definitely  sloth.

I am very much a "play for fun" kind of person.  I'm not that person with a five point plan of attack for the new expansion or the person watching a movie while their character sits near a rare's spawn point for hours hoping NPC Scan will go off.  I do have goals in the game, but they're very slow going.  Waggleshammy is a few runs away from her Cenarian  Expedition mount, Failhunter is itching for another five levels, and my Deathpuppy needs to collect more cloth.   I could use some gold on the RP realm too.  Not to mention reading that makes me think I really need to make a page on this blog for my characters... later.

My problem is that I get on with a goal in mind then I think about it a bit.  Do I really feel like doing this today?  Nah.   I want to pay with transmog for an hour and roleplay all night!  The easiest thing for me to get done is leveling because I enjoy it with the exception of a few level ranges.  Also, the new guild exp gain system is a great incentive to do so.   The hardest thing is definitely farming.  I only seem to do it when I'm sick, in pain, too tired for anything else, or feeling really anti-social.

Would I like to have more achievements, neat mounts and pets, more gold, and gear that doesn't make raid leaders weep in agony?  Yes.  But is any of that really worth the time I could be spending doing something more fun?   For me, no.  Sure, I might force myself to do one more Anzu run or get in a cooking daily here and there, but doing what I actually feel like doing is the one thing I don't slack on and that's good enough for me.

A (melo)Dramatic Reenactment

How have I been spending my time since the patch came out?   Well, I caught a cold and spent nearly 20 hours a day in bed.  After that, I hurt my back while cleaning to the point where I couldn't even sit at my computer for a few days straight.  Lovely.  My apologies for not being around.  We'll return to our regularly scheduled programming soon.

On the plus side, I've learned how to follow blogs and put them into the reader thingie.  It's apparently super easy and I should have tried sooner.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Well, today's the day!   Yep, it's patch 5.0.4 and that means going a whole day without playing because it's a huge pre-expansion patch! I've been around long enough that I already expected extended maintenance so I've spent my time waiting for the patch getting ready to play tomorrow.  While other people are at work, playing other games, or out having a life I've been cooking and cleaning.

I have tomorrow's various meals all made so they'll only have to be reheated.   The laundry's been done a little early in order to get my most comfy pajama pants cleaned.   I got in the grove and got more housework than expected.

There's not a lot I'm doing tonight in-game.  I'm mostly farming netherweave cloth to make bags for alts.  This is going by super fast as it seems my blood DK is no longer capable of being hit by anything ever. Pull ALL the things!  Tomorrow starts my army of alts, though I'm not sure what to roll.   I had ideas for characters in mind, but I find myself burned out on their ideas already.  Non-rp toons might have the best chance of surviving after next month.

Hope y'all are enjoying the changes and new goodies!

Monday, August 27, 2012


With the new patch coming out tomorrow, time is running out before Theramore Isle is changed forever. For those of you who who wish to visit it before the changes, here's the breakdown of what's happening:

  • The city will be untouched when the patch hits.
  • When the Theramore scenario is unlocked, the event quests will be phased.
  • When the quests are completed, Theramore will be permanently changed for that character.
  • The area will be permanently changed for everyone with 5.1
So, we have about a month of access to the old Theramore. And as much as I'll miss the old, I'm very excited about the new lore and new quests that are sure to come of it! I took a few screenshots on my visit. Feel free to scroll through them.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Howdy there!

Underachieveing in WoW and RL!

Introductions are really awkward, aren't they?  So let's just do the quick version before moving on!  Y'all can call me Soubrette.  I've lucked and creeped around the WoW blog community for awhile, but now think it's time to come out from my hidey-hole.

This blog is mostly a place where I can yammer on and on about World of Warcraft without annoying all of my non-gaming friends.  I'm very much into role playing, leveling alts, doing player challenges, transmog, and just experimenting with the game in general.  I'm definitely not the raiding type and math hurts my head so there really won't be any in-depth information about PvE or class dynamics.

On to today's topic!  One popular discussion that's been showing up everywhere is planning for the patch and for the panda invasion.   If you'll look up to the left of this entry, my waggle-shammy illustrates my own preparations. I think I'm the only one I know who doesn't have some sort of bucket list.  I just can't seem to be bothered.

I do have plans for after MoP hits.  After I stop obsessively battling pets for the first few days, I'm going to make myself a Pandaren Shaman who will serve as my main for this expansion.  I'm also going to start getting back into roleplay.   Most of my plans for when the path hits involve mass looting.  I want to gather netherweave for alt starting bags and finish up a few of the easier BC rep grinds.  Of course, I'm not discounting the possibility that I'll snap and come up with an overly ambitious plan last minute.  It happens.