Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Little Failhunter that Could

This week, I've gotten off my lazy bum (figuratively speaking) and leveled my little failhunter through Outlands.   She's a little exhausted, I imagine.  I did it by way of questing and making my husband run me through instances when I lost motivation.   Hunters are a class I hate for running actual dungeons.   I couldn't tell you why, but it annoys me.  However, I love questing as a hunter.  And this time, the higher levels are flying by.  I blame it on the Dire Beast talent.


Is it the best choice for focus regen?   I have no idea as I haven't bothered to look up anything about class changes for anything but my shaman.  Why did I pick it?   It's just cool.  I'm easily amused and calling out a gaint warp stalker makes me all happy inside.  The fact that the animals change depending on the continent is pleasing as well.  Thank you, Blizzard.

Hunters are one of my favorite classes for getting random RP as well, especially for shy characters.  Just /walking with an interesting pet out can get someone interested in speaking with you.   Interacting with your pet is a great way to draw attention too.   These are both more passive ways of finding RP.   Luckily, starting your own RP with a hunter is pretty easy.   Asking someone to help find your lost pet, making your pet run up to someone and bark/pounce/lick/sniff, or even asking about another person's pet are all great ways to start a conversation.

I don't think I'll be getting past 70 on her any time soon, but it's been a positive experience so far.

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